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  • Nikko Kujira Dining


    "Nikko KUJIRA SHOKUDO" was the building used as a private house before.
    It's the appearance really similar to general housing even now.

    But when an artistic door(Mr.KOSAKA made) at the entrance is opened, there is wonderful space in an interior.

    Please relax here at a meal and green tea.
    You should be able to spend wonderful time surely.

  • Nikko Kujira Dining


    This bar remodeled a Japanese traditional depot stylishly.
    The old Japanese sensitivity can be felt from a wall.
    The table made of a tree in a forest around here is also characteristic.
    A room where the natural warmth fays with stylish.

    Please eat the special hood menu cooked with the Japanese fresh ingredients.
    And I'd like to make you drink the alcohol a craftsman chose.
    By the way, the most popular hood menu is an omelet stuffed with fried rice.
    It's because it's delicious so that it may melt.
    The bar here is also near Nikkou station, so you can come easily even in the evening even at noon.
    We assume that you have come to the "SHINBASHI" and the "TOUSHOUGU" to do sightseeing.
    Another most important spot is this bar.